About us

“We started working with different countries and discovered that the problems are the same. The message every time is to start again from the patient perspective and simplify the systems.”
Jos de Blok, Buurtzorg founder

A pioneering healthcare organisation

Buurtzorg is a pioneering healthcare organisation established in 2006 with a nurse-led model of holistic care that has revolutionised community care in the Netherlands.

Client satisfaction rates are the highest of any healthcare organisation. Staff commitment and contentedness is reflected in Buurtzorg’s title of Best Employer (4 out of the last 5 years). And impressive financial savings have been made. Ernst & Young documented savings of around 40 percent to the Dutch health care system, and a KPMG Case Study in 2012 found:

“Essentially, the program empowers nurses (rather than nursing assistants or cleaners) to deliver all the care that patient’s need. And while this has meant higher costs per hour, the results have been fewer hours in total. Indeed, by changing the model of care, Buurtzorg has accomplished a 50 percent reduction in hours of care, improved quality of care and raised work satisfaction for employees.”

Buurtzorg scaled very quickly across the Netherlands from 1 to 850 teams. During this time Buurtzorg grew in other areas of care such as mental health,  children and families and also supported other Dutch international care organisations to take on the Buurtzorg model of care.

Inspiring interest and collaboration from all over the world.

Collaboration is key to Buurtzorg’s model of care and its operating model, resulting in Buurtzorg collaborating to find new ways of working and new areas of care, at home and internationally. As the model develops a global learning network is forming around Buurtzorg to share experience and knowledge.

Gertje van Roessel, an experienced coach Buurtzorg and International Director;

“Buurtzorg is active in different countries. “The teams are doing a lot of travelling as well as welcoming guests to Buurtzorg from all over the world. I’ve just returned from a visit, taking in China, Japan and Taiwan, where our partners there are establishing Buurtzorg teams. It’s thrilling to see the teams in action; to be on an entirely new continent with very different cultures and customs, and yet feel so at home – with the spirit of Buurtzorg all around me!”

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