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On winning the Best Employer of the Year in 2011, Jos de Blok sent an email to everyone at Buurtzorg announcing;

“We have won! It is special that despite, or maybe thanks;) to the huge dynamics within Buurtzorg we win this prize. There is in fact no real distinction between employer and employees and I would like to congratulate you all on the result. I propose that each team orders a cake – at the expense of Buurtzorg of course! “

Staff express their pleasure in the self-managed structure of the organisation by awarding Buurtzorg an  8.7 for general satisfaction and a  9.5 for staff involvement. Since 2011 Buurtzorg has won Best Employer of the Year, four out of the last five years.

Buurtzorg Nederlands employees over 10,000 nurses and assistants in 850 self-managed teams. 15 regional coaches support the teams as required. Buurtzorg’s back-office of 45 staff keeps overheads low, (8% as opposed to 25% in comparable organisations) taking care of payroll and invoicing to free up the rest of the organisation to focus on care.

Buurtzorg is now active in 24 countries and has a small international team to support its international work.

Jos de Blok, RSA Spotlight: Buurtzorg Organisational Structures

Collaboration is key to Buurtzorg’s model of care and and its operating model; this has seen the organisation collaborate in new areas such as Mental Health and Children and Families. Buurtzorg has inspired other Dutch care organisations and collaborated with these. Internationally, collaborations are growing and Buurtzorg is active in different countries and has set up a new team to lead on international collaborations.