Buurtdiensten Neighbourhood Services

Buurtzorg domestic care services

Buurtdiensten Neighbourhood Services

Buurtdiensten (Neighbourhood Services) are small teams providing all types of domestic help at home including, shopping, cleaning and meal preparation – not personal care. In the Netherlands older people are entitled to 1.5 hours a week of domestic care.

Every client is assigned one carer and they respond to what is needed, how a client manages themselves and their home and social environment. Together with the client, the carer designs solutions pulling in support from around Buurtzorg’s onion model.  Buurtdiensten carers look deeply at what is important to a client, their environment and can recommend activities or support in the area as well as work with other providers on how they can jointly support the client.

Small self-organising Buurtdiensten teams (of up to 12 team members) are supported by regional managers. Teams do not have an office but meet regularly in one another’s homes to plan and discuss issues. There is close communication between Buurtdiensten and Buurtzorg Nursing teams around individual client needs and concerns.

Buurdienstein provided the model of care adopted by the newly launched FamileHulp service (which came about in 2015 through Buurtzorg’s acquisition of a failing domestic care provider, TNT). In the near future it is expected these two services will merge to form one national Buurdienstein service.