Want to learn more about Buurtzorg?

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Want to learn more about Buurtzorg?

How it started and the principles behind its nurse-led model of holistic care that has revolutionised community care in the Netherlands and is now transforming health and social care around the world?

In under an hour, in 14 short clips, you will hear the whole Buurtzorg story, from how and why it began to what has made it so successful and create the impact it has. Hear from Buurtzorg’s Founder and CEO Jos de Blok as he shares with you his vision and how it is has been achieved through small self steering teams where flexibility and ownership is key.

Learn more about the way the teams are supported by coaches and a back office that has been designed to serve them and the people they’re supporting as the priority.

Find out what leadership means for Buurtzorg teams, the importance of the systems around them and what’s needed to sustain the transformation and keep the principles alive.

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