Our History

'The community-based nurse has a central role. After all, they know how best to support specific circumstances for the cliënt.' Jos de Blok, Founder

The History of Buurtzorg

Buurtzorg Nederland was founded in 2006 by Jos de Blok and a small team of professional nurses who realised that years of ‘reform’ had undermined their relationships with patients. The very vocational commitment that had brought them into the profession in the first place was compromised. Jos de Blok and the three other nurses had a better idea.  They set up Buurtzorg to look after people at home, in a way their values and craft demanded.

Jos and his three colleagues wanted to simplify the health care system.  And demonstrate a patient–centred way of working would see the hours of care delivered reduced, if the focus was on helping clients with self-support and independence.

“I believe in client-centered care, with nursing that is independent and collaborative” said Jos de Blok, Director and CEO, Buurtzorg Nederland, “The community-based nurse should have a central role – after all they know best how they can support specific circumstances for the client.”

Buurtzorg’s empowering approach for nurses and clients proved popular with both; and as client demand grew, new Buurtzorg teams were established. In 10 years there are over 10,000 nurses, in 850 teams in towns and villages all over Holland. In 2016 Buurtzorg is also active in 24 countries.

Happy 10th Birthday Buurtzorg!

On September 10th 2016, Buurtzorg celebrated it’s 10th anniversary. Nurses came together from all over Holland to celebrate, compete in sports events during the day and dance the night away at a big party in the evening.

Aftermovie sportdag Buurtzorg V1 from Buurtzorg Nederland on Vimeo.