Buurtzorg Web

Nurses list technology, "Buurtzorg Web", in their top 5 reasons for enjoying working at Buurtzorg

Buurtzorg Web

Buurtzorgweb is a web-based software platform built specifically to support the Buurtzorg way of working;

  • to reduce bureaucracy
  • increase productivity
  • and improve the quality of care

The solution was built (and since then continuously extended, amended and innovated) for Buurtzorg in the Netherlands and then opened to other home care/nursing providers.

Buurtzorgweb is currently used by over 30 organisations in the Netherlands who have adopted the Buurtzorg model and decided to use the software. In all cases they have improved the quality of Care, achieved higher productivity and reduced administration.

Buurtzorg web supports teams in their care-giving, teamwork and communication. It joins up all the teams and provides access to one Buurtzorg community. All the information on Buurztorg web on performance, interventions and outcomes are transparent and each team can compare their performance with other teams. Regional coaches and head office can view data and act accordingly.