Buurtzorg launches Danish coaching and consulting unit

3 December 2021 (press release)
Buurtzorg launches Danish coaching and consulting unit

December 7, 2021

With a new Danish branch, Buurtzorg is now ready to offer coaching and consulting to Danish municipalities and others who want to introduce small self-managing teams for the delivery of home care and nursing.

The new Danish unit, Buurtzorg Velfaerd (meaning “welfare)”, will be established as a Danish employee-owned company and in partnership with Buurtzorg International.

Buurtzorg Velfaerd is headed by Bjørn Kassøe Andersen and nurse Tine Møller-Madsen, who both had central roles in a Buurtzorg pilot, which took place in Ikast-Brande Municipality from 2019 to 2021.

Jos de Blok, CEO of Buurtzorg, says: “We are happy to establish a Danish branch together with two of the most experienced Buurtzorg frontrunners in Denmark. It enables us to serve the many requests and widespread interest in the Buurtzorg model.”

Buurtzorg Velfaerd will primarily focus on Danish municipalities who want inspiration, coaching and sparring on how the existing framework best be adapted to the Buurtzorg model’s client-centred and integrated delivery of home care and nursing.

Buurtzorg Velfaerd will transfer knowledge and offer developmental and educational training, supported by Buurtzorg.

The Danish unit will also work for adjustments of Danish regulations, which currently make it difficult to fully implement the Buurtzorg model for both public and private providers.

Project manager, Ph.D. Pia Kürstein Kjellberg from VIVE (The Danish Center for Social Science Research) who was the evaluator of the Buurtzorg pilot in Ikast-Brande says: “The results of the pilot were promising. We found better continuity, better interdisciplinary efforts based on the needs of the citizens, a better client experienced quality and a lower sick leave among the employees. It will be very interesting if similar results can be obtained in other Danish municipalities.”

Buurtzorg Velfaerd will also cooperate with others within the area. One of the Buurtzorg Velfaerd founders, Tine Møller-Madsen who is a nurse, says: “I am passionate about integrated nursing and home care projects. I have experienced how working according to the Buurtzorg model has given a significant quality boost to elderly care for the benefit of both clients and employees. My former colleagues and I are able to offer firsthand practice-based advice, coaching and inspiration, also in cooperation with other consultants.”

The other founder of Buurtzorg Velfaerd, Bjørn Kassøe Andersen, says: “We are proud and honored to now become part of the Buurtzorg family. We look forward to passing on our experiences, also when it comes to the design of the framework and support functions that can enable a new way of working within elderly care. We are convinced that the Buurtzorg model can supply many of the answers to the current crisis of elderly care in Denmark.”

Further information:

Bjørn Kassøe Andersen – mobile 42440330

Tine Møller-Madsen – mobile 22280525