Corona Virus

Corona Virus

March 14, 2020

Almelo Friday, March 13 th. 2020, 17.00 

” In connection with the Corona-virus outbreak, Buurtzorg in the Netherlands has taken precautions.

These measures are fully aligned to the guidelines of the Dutch Government and can be updated daily.

Currently the following decisions apply to our international work:

  • until further notice we do not receive guests;
  • until further notice we do not make business trips abroad, unless deemed necessary/critical;
  • where possible, we offer online alternatives;
  • and of course, we can be reached by phone and email,

We are in contact with our international partners to share knowledge and to support each other where possible.

We realize that there are major concerns around the world, especially for our vulnerable people, but also for our health staff who are being appealed to at the moment.

We wish everyone a lot of strength in these difficult times.”