TICC update

Transforming Integrated Care in the Community (TICC) has secured more than € 4.8 million of European funding in this € 8 million cross-border partnership involving 14 organisations for the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.
The project was appr

February 27, 2020

TICC will create systematic change in health & social care, providing services better suited to our ageing population by addressing holistic needs. It will present a methodology to overcome blocking points in transferring social innovative service models from one area to another. This will be tested via the implementation of the Buurtzorg integrated care at home model which consists of self-managing teams of 12 staff working at neighbourhood level handling every aspect of care & business. This model significantly reduces the back office, simplifies IT & Coaches rather than manages, providing better outcomes for people, lower costs, fewer unplanned hospital admissions & consistency of care.

Buurtzorg and the other partners are in the middle of the project. This month several follow up sessions have been scheduled in Belgium, France and the UK.